Sarasota Alimony Lawyers

Spousal support, also called alimony, creates many problems during a divorce proceeding. Individuals fight  to ensure the support they pay or receive reflects the financial situation they are experiencing.   The lawyers at The Collins Law Group help you with alimony issues to prevent a divorce turning into a war.

Determining Amount of Spousal Support

There are many issues that the court considers when awarding  spousal support orwhether to order spousal support at all. These include the length of the marriage, spouses’ respective incomes, the marketability of the payee and many other factors.

We fully investigate your situation and create a thoroughly prepared case that matches judges’ criteria for awarding or denying alimony payments. Whether you are the payer or the beneficiary, we will strive for accuracy and look out for your best interests.

When you need the very best in a Sarasota lawyer, trust The Collins Law Group.