Sarasota Homicide Attorney – Bradenton, Venice, Charlotte & Desoto

An Experienced Attorney is a Must.

A person charged with homicide faces the most serious consequences the criminal court system can impose. As a result, when facing the most serious consequences, it is even more important that the person charged assert and protect their constitutional rights. The first step is to be protected by an experienced and aggressive law firm such as The Collins Law Group.

Homicide charges can be as diverse as accessory after the fact, DUI manslaughter, felony murder, manslaughter, second degree homicide, first degree homicides, and cases involving capital punishment. The range of penalties and defenses to homicide charges can also be quite different.

Protection of client’s rights is a fundamental principle at The Collins Law Group. Our firm will aggressively investigate any case we handle. Homicide charges will require a law firm dedicated to this principle due to the potential impact the charge will have on the client and his or her family. The Collins Law Group will make sure that law enforcement investigated the case appropriately, and litigate any issues regarding possible violations of a client’s rights, including filing motions to suppress or dismissal of charges.

Our attorneys have decades of experience standing between our clients and the court system in order to ensure the best possible result: whether a dismissal or reduction of charges, plea negotiations, motions to suppress evidence, taking the case to trial, or sentencing mitigation.

When you need the very best in a Sarasota lawyer, trust The Collins Law Group.