What You Should Know About a FREE Consultation

What you should know about a FREE consultation.

The Collins Law Group offers a free consultation to evaluate your case. The consultation is your chance to speak with the attorney face to face to explain your situation and the issues involved; discuss the results you want; learn the Court’s procedure you must follow and find out how the attorney can help you. At the end of the consultation the attorney will quote the Retainer Fee for representation.

Below is a list of things you should know when you call a law office to schedule a consultation:

  1. The person you are speaking with is most likely not an attorney: Most law offices have administrative staff or paralegals who answer the phones.
  2. It is best to make a concise list of the key issues involved in your situation so the paralegal can determine which area of law pertains to your issues.
  3. Listen to the questions you are asked on the phone and give brief yet specific answers.
  4. Paralegals and administrative staff cannot set legal fees pursuant to the Florida Bar Code of Ethics and Responsibility Rule 20-7.1(d)(1). The Paralegal may quote a fee only after permission from the supervising attorney. Fees are discussed at the time of consultation. The Collins Law Group offers free consultations.
  5. Be prepared to know which days/times you would like to schedule your consultation.
  6. Inform the paralegal if you are a former client.
  7. Law offices like to know how you heard about them; try to remember your referral source.

After the call:

  1. When you arrive for your consultation, you will be required to complete a form requesting contact and case information. This form is personal and confidential and will not be used or sold for advertising or any other purpose.
  2. Bring case-related documents with you in case you have specific questions about them or in case the attorney wants to review them with you.
  3. Be prepared: prior to your consultation, make a list of questions you would like to have answered.

Near the end of your consultation, the attorney will discuss retainer fees, charges, billing and other issues related to retaining an attorney. You will likely have the opportunity to hire the attorney at the conclusion of the consultation. Before you can hire the attorney, you will need to review a written contract as well as pay the agreed-upon retainer fee. If your intention is to hire the attorney at the conclusion of the consultation, it will be helpful to bring your checkbook, credit card, or if someone else is going to help you pay for the attorney, have that person with you or standing by. The attorney cannot begin work on your case until the retainer fee is paid.

Best of luck in your quest for legal representation!

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