Sarasota Parental Relocation Lawyer

Bradenton Interstate Custody Attorney

When life circumstances change, a move to another area can be necessary. While relocation can bring great opportunities, it can create challenges when it comes to child custody and visitation arrangements.

At The Collins Law Group, we are highly experienced with divorce and child custody laws, and we can help you and your children in adapting to a geographic change. Our attorneys can facilitate new parenting plans and/or seek modifications to child custody and child support orders if:

  • You are moving out-of-state for a job opportunity
  • You are moving out-of-state because you are in a relationship with a person who needs to relocate
  • You are moving out of Florida to be closer to family
  • You or your significant other is in the military
  • Your ex-spouse or co-parent is relocating to another area and wants to bring your child or children along

There are certain guidelines that must be followed when it comes to out-of-state timesharing. We can advise you and help you ensure that new arrangements are made to prevent custody problems in the future and to provide for the best possible relationship between your kids and both of their parents.

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Our firm’s attorneys can answer your questions about child custody modification, visitation rights and child support payments. We understand how Florida child custody and child support laws and guidelines apply to parental relocation, and we can assist you in securing the best possible arrangements for your family. Contact us to discuss your situation with an experienced family lawyer who can represent you.