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Explore Multiple Solutions to Difficult Problems

If you are facing the end of your marriage, you should know that there are different ways to navigate the divorce process. While traditional divorces involve spouses suing one another, fighting over details and then leaving important decisions to a court, other methods are available that can reduce the expense and the stress while allowing the divorcing couple to make their own decisions.

In some cases, cooperative or collaborative divorce processes can be used to meet the legal requirements of divorce without court involvement in your relationships, your finances and your children’s lives. At The Collins Law Group, we can advise you on whether one of these alternative processes can be used in your case. Contact us to learn more.

Cost-Effective Alternatives to Traditional Divorce

Divorce usually brings painful emotions for everyone involved. If you and your spouse are able to work cooperatively, though, our attorneys can help you:

  • Work out child support payment arrangements that both parties can agree to
  • Arrange for spousal support (alimony) if appropriate
  • Make child custody and visitation agreements that meet the needs of children and foster children’s relationships with both parents
  • Arrive at agreements for dividing marital property, assets and debts
  • Utilize the help of therapists, accountants or other professionals in the divorce process

We can answer your questions about alternative dispute resolution (ADR), divorce mediation and other alternative divorce methods.

Sarasota Cooperative Divorce Attorney | Bradenton Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Our firm’s Florida attorneys can advise you regarding your options if you are considering collaborative divorce, divorce mediation or other cost-effective methods. Contact us to discuss your situation with an experienced lawyer who has handled many divorces of all kinds.