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Bradenton Equitable Distribution Attorney

The law contains rules that determine how property will be divided between divorcing spouses. Rather than splitting everything equally, the rule of equitable distribution applies in Florida divorce cases. This means that the divorcing couple’s assets are to be assessed and distributed based on a number of factors.

If you are going through a divorce and are concerned about your assets being divided fairly, we can help you understand how the law applies to you. We can represent you in seeking arrangements that accurately reflect the history of your assets, incomes and the length of the marriage. Contact us.

How Does Asset and Debt Distribution Work?

At The Collins Law Group, we help male and female clients in traditional divorces, military divorces and alternative collaborative divorces with regard to marital property and debt. We are highly experienced in making fair arrangements involving:

  • Real estate
  • Personal property
  • Bank accounts
  • Retirement accounts, pensions and military benefits
  • Stocks, bonds and investments
  • Small businesses, family businesses and professional practices

We can also help you solve what may be a challenging situation with regard to marital and personal debt. We have helped many clients take advantage of important bankruptcy protections in the context of a divorce.

Contact a Sarasota Property Division Attorney

Our attorneys can help you understand how Florida’s equitable distribution laws apply to your divorce situation, whether your assets are complex or they seem simple. Contact us to discuss your situation with an experienced lawyer who has handled property division in many divorce cases.