Beach Clean-up

 My description of Sarasota’s beautiful beaches to my long distance friends and family is as follows: gorgeous white sand, amazing sunsets and clear, clean water. Peter, Julie and I, along with our kids, had the opportunity on Saturday, September 24th to volunteer at a Beach Cleanup at South Lido Beach sponsored by Take Stock in Children of Sarasota County. We found much more than gorgeous white sand. We spent several hours in the hot sun collecting garbage on the beach; some washed up from the water and some left by beachgoers. I was astounded to see the “types” of trash left by people. Most abundant were cigarette butts however; there were other potentially harmful things I am glad I saw before my children did. Trash left on the beach not only can harm humans, it is harmful to our beautiful sea life. I am glad I had the opportunity to help keep our beach clean. I realize that it is an ongoing effort and not one that should be done only when it is planned by an organization.

The photo of the cleanup crew was taken by Dana Bakich of Take Stock in Children of Sarasota County and is used with permission from the photographer.

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